The stories behind Ransomware… and our approach

The stories behind Ransomware… and our approach

In a recent article, Zdnet (here is the article) states:

Two-thirds of companies pay ransomware demands: But not everyone gets their data back

Actually, we don’t agree at all that paying the ransom is a good approach for businesses – that will just fuel up the snowball of ransomware and, maybe, make those behind more powerfull so they can attack again. And again. And again.

We doubt that likes to fuel their attackers just so they can attack more (yes, that’s what’s going to happen).

We strive and always think about prevention – at least, up to a good level. And ransomware (unless we are taking about IoT devices or devices that became victims to more than data ransomware) can be avoided using backups. Lots, but of course, useful.

You can always contact us and we’ll be more than happy to present you our solution of ransom-proof backups.

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