A new IoT malware loader: “privatgodgg.sh”

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As usual, it targets ARM-based devices and it tries to download other files (privntpd1, privsshd1, privopenssh1, privbash1, privtftp1, privwget1 etc) via curl or wget (whichever is available on the infected devices). As usual, we suspect this loader to be injected via unauthenticated telnet/hard-coded credentials – although it could be a RCE, but we haven’t found indications about that. As soon

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IoT Malware advances

/ febbraio 16, 2017/ IoT News&Updates, IoT Security, IT Security, IT Security News&Updates/ 0 comments

A new strain (as long as December 2016 can be called new) has been spotted on GitHub that combines both a standard telnet scanner and also MIRAI. It has been uploaded here:https://github.com/geo93033/u. In the header(s) you can find some credentials: Xmpp: b1nary@nigge.rs Twitter: @P2PBOTNET Instragram: @Rebirth.c Skype: b1narythag0d and Skype: uriede XMPP: Crypt@nigge.rs Changes: Made Date: 7-30-16 And also a

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Google Dork Hacking: “use our awesome search tool…”

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“… to find the right candidates” Why would anyone (or anything – as in a software or a web-bot) search for a string like “site:.eu “use our awesome search tool to find the right candidates”” on Google? Well, probably to extract some information. Personal Identifiable Information / Sensitive Personal Information? Maybe. For what use? One we can think of: phishing.

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Gr1N – a new malware that also targets IoT devices?

/ febbraio 8, 2017/ IoT Devices&Security, IoT Security, IT Security, IT Security News&Updates/ 0 comments

While doing some investigations for one of our clients, we came across a (new) malware strain. After some quick investigations, we found out 2 sources (both in C++, a client and a server). They are signed with: // Client.c Made By @Gr1n1337 – // DeepWeb Fourms User Name – Gr1n – // This Client Only Has UDP TCP HTML –

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New products in our portfolio

/ febbraio 8, 2017/ IT Automation, Services/ 0 comments

Our engineers have devised new several products: MSRP/RRP price monitoring – for wholesalers IoT products security assesments – for importers of products SPA – Single Page Application for presentation and filtering of catalogs Interested? Message us for a full presentation.

Google Analytics – no data validation?

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Recently, one of our clients contacted about something rather strange: a “language” value in his newly Google Analytics setup that stated: “Secret.ɢoogle.com You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!” Of course, we all know that browser headers/requests can be easily altered, but we still wonder why Google allows such values in it’s [non-bot]

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ArduWorm: A Functional Malware Targeting Arduino Devices

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Think your Arduino Yun is safe on the Internet? Well, think again! Abstract—The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing market which provides several benefits for industry, governments and end users. However, the increasing use of embedded and pervasive devices introduces new vulnerabilities in the network. In the last years, the number of malware and exploits targeting the IoT has

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