Embedding a DAHUA video stream

Although it’s not very complicated, true embedding of DAHUA’s devices in an all-browser solution can be tricky. With the help of a Linux transcoding server we solved this problem. And we happily tested it with around 20 clients. The solution can support 200+ online clients.

A simple demo with different sources/quality

*Please be advised that, sometimes, the stream might be off/out of sync due to bandwidth limitations. We are restreaming a device that is 14kms/10 miles away.

Who can use this setup? Well, we think at a lot of possible users:

  • BARS/PUBS to showcase their number of clients
  • SCHOOLS/KINDERGARTENS that will allow parents to supervise their children (and yes – the stream can be password protected)
  • ZOOS or any other nature lovers
  • SURF lovers to check their favorite SURFS’UP spots
  • WILDLIFE surveillance
  • CUSTOMERS watching for their dream house to be built

We’re also working on a time-lapse solution. Reviewing 6 months in 6 minutes can be an amazing experience!

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