About our IT Automation Services

We think there is an almost unlimited array of things that can be automated. Below you will find a few examples:
  • Download a certain file, syncronize a FTP account or mirror a Web Folder
  • Find broken weblinks or other resources: CSS, JS files, images
  • Extract competitor’s price list regularly and stay ahead of competition
  • Extract stock data from a web page and generate alerts
  • Extract people data from webpage or from multiple webpages and syncronize it with one or more databases
  • Data Crawling/Parsing
  • Integration of differents APIs
  • Automated eMails&Notifications – on events, on daily runs, on errors etc
A little more advanced ones:
  • Edit a file (Google Spreadsheet, for example) that sits on a Google Drive
  • Custom-developed applications, scripts or solutions to be run on Linux-based servers or generally-available embedded boards – Raspberry PI, Arduino etc
  • Connect to an IoT or other Internet-enabled device and process data, update configuration, check heartbeat etc

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