Google Dork Hacking: “use our awesome search tool…”

/ February 14, 2017/ IT Security/ 0 comments

“… to find the right candidates”

Why would anyone (or anything – as in a software or a web-bot) search for a string like “ “use our awesome search tool to find the right candidates”” on Google?

Well, probably to extract some information. Personal Identifiable Information / Sensitive Personal Information? Maybe.
For what use? One we can think of: phishing. Interesting, don’t you think?

A quick explanation:
“” – searches for sites that have European (.eu) TLD (top level domains)
“”use our awesome search tool to find the right candidates”” – pay attention to the quotes – searches for sites that have this exact string in their pages.
So “somebody” is looking for European websites that provide candidates.

Of course, it might also be a signature of an exploitable script. Or just a WordPress Premium Theme (with a security hole?) – as in the one located here: Keep your eyes open – you can never be too careful about the plugins/themes you use on your website(s).

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