Attention! “Live HTTP Headers” – a Chrome extension that tracks clicks

/ Noviembre 10, 2016/ IT Security News&Updates/ 0 comments

One of our clients has reported unusual behavior while using this extension to track / develop a website and the associated webapp. Seems like the extension has been modified to inject tracking [that’s the least we found out from our quick investigation]. A part of the code used can be found here: We recommend anyone using this extension to

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Debugging ESP8266EX

/ Noviembre 17, 2014/ IoT News&Updates/ 0 comments

One way of debugging what’s running on the ESP is using the UART console. But there is a trick – it might be locked at 74880 baudrate. There’s a quick fix. Modify the user_main.c and add: #include “driver/uart_register.h” on top of it. Also, in the main loop(user_init) change void user_init(void){ os_printf(“SDK version:%d.%d.%d\n” SDK_VERSION_MAJOR, SDK_VERSION_MINOR, SDK_VERSION_REVISION); with: void user_init(void){ uart_div_modify(0, 115200); SET_PERI_REG_MASK(UART_CONF0(0), UART_RXFIFO_RST | UART_TXFIFO_RST); CLEAR_PERI_REG_MASK(UART_CONF0(0), UART_RXFIFO_RST | UART_TXFIFO_RST); os_printf(“set baudrate to 115200\n\r”); Modify the 115200 with the value

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