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Gr1N – a new malware that also targets IoT devices?

/ Februar 8, 2017/ IoT Devices&Security, IoT Security, IT Security, IT Security News&Updates/ 0Kommentare

While doing some investigations for one of our clients, we came across a (new) malware strain. After some quick investigations, we found out 2 sources (both in C++, a client and a server). They are signed with: // Client.c Made By @Gr1n1337 – // DeepWeb Fourms User Name – Gr1n – // This Client Only Has UDP TCP HTML –


New IoT Malware? Anime/Kami

/ September 5, 2016/ IoT Devices&Security, IoT Security/ 0Kommentare

During August 2016, we came across several devices that were infected with a new malware that we couldn’t identify – for now. It resides in a read-write partition of some CCTV devices (most partitions on these devices are read-only), in a folder called .anime under the name .kami. It seems the attack used hard-coded telnet credentials and then downloaded the


IoT Devices & IoT Devices Security

/ September 6, 2015/ IoT Devices&Security/ 0Kommentare

Our team is able to help you setup and deploy custom-built IoT devices, depending on your companies need. We can also assist you integration them into current systems, setups, websites etc. But we also understand that IoT security is a must, not something optional. With a plethora of Internet-connected devices at hand, controlled by „cloud“, mobile or other devices, security