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Gr1N – a new malware that also targets IoT devices?

/ Februar 8, 2017/ IoT Devices&Security, IoT Security, IT Security, IT Security News&Updates/ 0Kommentare

While doing some investigations for one of our clients, we came across a (new) malware strain. After some quick investigations, we found out 2 sources (both in C++, a client and a server). They are signed with: // Client.c Made By @Gr1n1337 – // DeepWeb Fourms User Name – Gr1n – // This Client Only Has UDP TCP HTML –


New products in our portfolio

/ Februar 8, 2017/ IT Automation, Services/ 0Kommentare

Our engineers have devised new several products: MSRP/RRP price monitoring – for wholesalers IoT products security assesments – for importers of products SPA – Single Page Application for presentation and filtering of catalogs Interested? Message us for a full presentation.

New IoT Malware? Anime/Kami

/ September 5, 2016/ IoT Devices&Security, IoT Security/ 0Kommentare

During August 2016, we came across several devices that were infected with a new malware that we couldn’t identify – for now. It resides in a read-write partition of some CCTV devices (most partitions on these devices are read-only), in a folder called .anime under the name .kami. It seems the attack used hard-coded telnet credentials and then downloaded the


IT Operations

/ September 6, 2015/ IT Operations/ 0Kommentare

Information technology operations, or IT operations, are the set of all processes and services that are both provisioned by an IT staff to their internal or external clients and used by themselves, to run themselves as a business. Networking Linux Servers BackUPs / Ransomware-proof backups Monitoring of websites, IPs/IP Ranges, devices etc

IoT Devices & IoT Devices Security

/ September 6, 2015/ IoT Devices&Security/ 0Kommentare

Our team is able to help you setup and deploy custom-built IoT devices, depending on your companies need. We can also assist you integration them into current systems, setups, websites etc. But we also understand that IoT security is a must, not something optional. With a plethora of Internet-connected devices at hand, controlled by „cloud“, mobile or other devices, security


Über Unsere IT-Automation Services

/ August 18, 2015/ IT Automation/ 0Kommentare

Wir denken, es ist eine nahezu unbegrenzte Reihe von Dingen, die automatisiert werden können. Nachfolgend finden Sie einige Beispiele: Eine bestimmte Datei herunterladen, Synchronisieren eines FTP-Konto oder Spiegel einen Webordner Defekte Weblinks zu finden oder Weitere Ressourcen: CSS, JS-Dateien, Bilder Preisliste der Konkurrenz regelmäßig zu extrahieren und Wettbewerb einen Schritt voraus Bestandsdaten aus einer Web-Seite zu extrahieren und Alarme Daten